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Wondering how to find and identify some of the best edible mushrooms and plants of Idaho (and beyond)?

Then you’re in the right place! I like to teach people (especially newbies!) who are interested in foraging how to find, safely identify, and prepare mushrooms and other wild foods because I’m passionate about building communities where people want to spend more time outside, and connect with each other and the natural world over healthy delicious meals.

My Wild Idaho

Here in beautiful Idaho, whether you’re in the “big city” of Boise, the central mountains of McCall, or up north around Coeur d’Alene, there are hundreds of wild foods and useful plants available if you can just learn how to find them. Two of our most famous (and delicious) wild foods are huckleberries and morel mushrooms, but there are many others like “shaggy mane” and Porcini mushrooms, or Lamb’s Quarters and dandelion greens, which you can easily learn to identify with a bit of effort and practice.

While my focus is on Idaho, the foraging tips, recipes, and other information I share should be applicable to many regions, including the Pacific Northwest. The fact that Idaho spans 7 degrees of latitude means we have a wide variety of ecological habitats to explore, from old-growth rain forests in the north to desert moonscapes and lava rock in the southeast. But if you’re ever unsure if a particular ingredient I mention grows in your area, just ask in the comments for that blog post and I’ll do my best to help you find out.

Featured upcoming Seasonal Fungus: Spring Morels

How to Find and Identify Morels in Idaho and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to find and identify morel mushrooms in this comprehensive beginner’s guide that discusses the habitats, seasons, and possible look-alikes you need to be aware of. Tips to advance your education and experience.

Foraging for your own food can be so much fun. I hope to see you out there!

Learning to forage wild foods has given me a wealth of benefit: supplementing my diet and that of my family with healthy, nutritious, and inexpensive food; regular and meaningful contact with nature; easy exercise with a purpose, and contact with hundreds of other curious, knowledgeable, and fascinating individuals involved in foraging around the world. It’s my hope with this business I can help newcomers to the foraging world access information that will help them grow in confidence, as well as foster a community of more experienced foragers worldwide who can do the same in their own locale.

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